Tails & Tales

Tails & Tales

To say that I’m slightly obsessed with dogs is quite an understatement. I love to learn about how they think, why they do the things they do, what they think of us humans, and how to best communicate with them.

I’m always sharing my latest insights with my friends and family and the other night, I thought “Why not share with the community at ReadySetDogs?”

I always love hearing from my readers and it would be much more fun to connect with more of you! So here is my proposal:

I’m going write about the books I’m reading and share my thoughts with you.

What You Can Do:

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    Read along with me!
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    Share your thoughts
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    Ask me questions
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    Recommend books for me to read

It would be incredible if one day this became a more official book club! But for now, it’s a welcoming, casual place to talk about books about dogs.

The 1st Book Will Be:

Look for my first post within the next week!                               ~ Anna

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About the Author Anna

Anna is a canine enthusiast. She loves everything about dogs from their loyalty to their energetic spirits to their stubborn moments. She has a passion to learn everything she can to become a better "dog-mom" to her Toller, Penny, and to share her knowledge of dogs with all who are interested in the hopes of educating people on the best canine care.

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