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Penny has been working hard on her blog. I hope you’ve had as much fun reading it as she’s had writing it. She loves making new friends to share her adventures with so remember to send her messages in the comment section.

If you want to start reading her blog from the beginning, this is the place to be. I’ve put together this list of all of Penny’s posts so you can read them in order. It’s also helpful if you want to find an old favorite to reminisce or share with friends. They are listed by date. If you have trouble finding what you’re looking for, feel free to let me know either by commenting at the bottom or sending us an email through the contact us page.

Thanks! And enjoy your browsing.

August 2016

August 26, 2016 | Meet Penny the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

August 30, 2106 | Time for Trimming Penny’s Nails

About the Author Penny

Penny is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Her interests include swimming, large sticks, squeaky balls, sunbathing, agility, belly rubs, hiking, and playing in the snow. She is a smart, energetic, stubborn, and loving. Read her blog to learn more!

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