Time for Trimming Penny’s Nails | August 30, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Mine was great! It was mostly a quiet weekend at home, but I went swimming (of course) and I got to hang out with some of my extended human family. I’ll tell you more about them in another post.

I just got back from another morning at the lake (the best kind). It’s overcast today in Seattle and I love it! It means fewer dogs at the dog park. I don’t mind other dogs, but when there are a lot of them, my stick tends to get stolen and that’s no fun. I mostly like the other humans. I know it can frustrate my mom, but I will bring my stick to anyone but her! What can I say? I like to make friends. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but I keep trying.

Blackberry season is coming to an end. There are a few left, but most aren’t very tasty. Soon I won’t be getting any juicy berries in the mornings as a snack in between swims. But that also means school will be starting soon. I love seeing the kids on their way home during my afternoon walk. There are always more friends to be made.

Right now it’s nap time, but when I wake up, it will be time for nail trimming! This is NOT something I particularly enjoy. I used to be ok with it but then one time the groomer cut my nails too short and made me bleed! It hurt so bad! I hate it when my mom brings out the clippers. Now she doesn’t trust anyone else to do it, which I’m grateful for. I don’t like it, but I know it has to get done.

When my nails start making a clicking sound on the hardwood floors, then I know it’s time for a pedicure. My mom is very gentle and she never forces me. That’s how I know I’m safe with her. And the best part is she pays me with boiled chicken! I get a big juicy bite after EVERY nail! What a deal! I’m getting more comfortable with it. I’ll give you a play by play of what happens today.

First I hear mom open the fridge. This is always intriguing. Clickety-clickety-clickety. I trot into the kitchen to see if anything interesting is going on. Sure enough, she pulls out the bag of boiled chicken. Oh boy! Boiled chicken is the best. Delicious and nutritious. Then we head to the couch. I lay down and she sits with her arm around me, but all I can think about is chicken!

Then she pulls out the dreaded nail clippers. I tense up a bit remember how it hurt that one time at the groomers. But I don’t run away. Mom would let me if I wanted to, but I know there’s boiled chicken to be eaten and she won’t cut my nails too close. At the sight of the clippers, I get my first taste of chicken. Oh yeah, this is going to be worth it.

Then Mom sets the chicken on the coffee table and holds my paw gently but firmly. She takes one of my toes and snip, snip, snip! One nail down, quick as that. And more chicken!

That’s how it goes until all my nails are trimmed. Then she pulls out a file to smooth out the rough edges. I don’t mind this part nearly as much, but I still get chicken anyway.

Soon we’re finished. My belly is full and my nails look and feel great. Best of all, we don’t have to do this again for at least another week!

If you want some advice, my mom wrote an article about how to trim a dog’s nails. You should check it out!

Well, have a good day and I’ll talk to you soon. Next time, I’ll tell you the story about my adoption. It was a scary, but wonderful day and I ended up with the best family!


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Penny is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Her interests include swimming, large sticks, squeaky balls, sunbathing, agility, belly rubs, hiking, and playing in the snow. She is a smart, energetic, stubborn, and loving. Read her blog to learn more!

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