Meet Penny the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever | August 26, 2016

Hello everyone and happy national dog day! I thought today would be the perfect day to start my blog. My name is Penny and I am a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, or Toller for short. Not many people are familiar with Tollers, which is surprising since we are the best dogs in the world! I may be a little biased, though.

I’ll give you a little run down. Tollers are the smallest retrievers, but we are as tough as they come. We’re built for swimming, especially in the cold with our double coats and webbed feet. I go swimming every day, even when it’s snowing! Our main job is hunting. By the water, our humans will hide and throw a ball or stick. When Tollers retrieve, our movements and markings actually attract those dumb ducks! What boneheads! This is similar to how foxes hunt. We call it “tolling.” Once the duck is close enough, our humans call us back, hit the duck, and then we retrieve! I’m told it’s tons of fun, but my humans don’t hunt so I’ve never done it.

Don’t feel bad for me though. I see a lot of action. I live with my humans in Seattle close to a big lake and get to swim practically every day. My favorite toys include a giant stick and a broken ball. When we get to the lake, I start by fetching the giant stick, making sure to show it off to whoever is watching. It’s quite impressive, don’t you think? Then my human pulls out an old broken tennis ball. This is great, though she says she doesn’t understand why I won’t play with anything newer. She throws it out, but not too far, and I spend the next couple minutes shuffling it back to shore with my paws. It takes a lot of hard work and concentration.

I especially have fun in the summers in July and August when the blackberries ripen. Our park is full of blackberries and my human picks them for a morning snack. She even shares some with me and they are delicious! I can’t have too many though, or I might have some tummy trouble. I always want to try new things and human food looks so tasty. My humans will share some things with me, but they know my digestive system is different than theirs. My mom always does the research before she lets me try something new. She even wrote a helpful article about “people foods” dogs can eat. You should check it out!

That’s going to be it for today. It’s almost dinnertime and then it’s off on my evening walk. I have lots of stories and adventures to share with you so be sure to check back in soon! If you have any questions/comments about me or about Tollers, feel free to write me a comment. Thanks for reading.


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About the Author Penny

Penny is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Her interests include swimming, large sticks, squeaky balls, sunbathing, agility, belly rubs, hiking, and playing in the snow. She is a smart, energetic, stubborn, and loving. Read her blog to learn more!

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