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I’ll be the first to admit it: here at ReadySetDogs, I LOVE everything to do with dogs. I can get lost for hours on the internet searching for new information, inspirational stories, and funny anecdotes about the furriest members of our families. Reading different thoughts and opinions of other dog-lovers helps me to broaden my worldview and I think I’m a better person and dog-mom because of it.

I thought I would put together a list of blog I spend the most of my time reading so you can broaden your horizons too. Check them out and let me know what you think! And don't forget to check out our new blog as well. Penny, my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, has a lot to share with you.

2 Brown Dawgs Blog

Follow the escapades of Thunder, Storm, and Freighter who are Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. They are decorated hunting dogs, who are smart, ambitious, and loving. Learn about hunting and training as you follow their adventures and fall in love with these happy, hard-working retrievers.

3 Boys and a Dog

Kelli is a mom to 3 boys and a dog (and the blog of the same name). She has a great, fun-to-read lifestyle blog. If you have a family of humans and pets, you’ll be able to relate. You can tell she likes to keep busy because she has a plethora of information on many different subjects. And if you want to start a blog of your own, she has some great tips!

Alfie’s Blog

Alfie is an Entlebucher Mountain Dog, who loves to blog about training his humans, his adventures, and the games he plays. The blog is written from Alfie’s point of view, but is typed by his humans (you try working a keyboard with paws!). There are wonderful tips and advice all brought to you in a fun, personal, entertaining format. Thanks for including us in your life, Alfie!

All Things Dog Blog

Carrie is an avid dog lover who fills her blog with helpful tips about dog behavior. She also includes product reviews for toys and treats. You’ll find all-natural, holistic, and organic options here. She has three dogs, Tanner (Golden Retriever), Oliver (Papillion), and Xena (Retriever Mix) and it’s a joy to keep up with their lives. They even have their own blog (5 Minutes for Fido) where you can get their perspective.


Paris and John love traveling and love their dogs, Irie and Tiki. So if you love traveling or dogs or both, then you’ll find something here. On top of the fun, you’ll find great information about traveling (with or without your dogs) as well as how to help homeless pets where you travel. There is especially some great stuff on places to travel in Texas with your dogs, so if you live in the Lone Star state (or are visiting), definitely check this blog out.

Golden Woofs | Sugar the Golden Retriever

Rosalyn blogs about the golden years of her Golden Retriever, Sugar. But don’t be fooled, this girl has a lot of fun and excitement in her life. Amongst the adventures are tips, advice, and product reviews. Rosalyn especially like to bake for Sugar and has some great, dog-friendly recipes that your pup will find delicious...and you might too!

Keep the Tail Wagging

Interested in raw food? Kimberly is a great resource as raw is the focus of her blog. She’s a dog-lover like the rest of us and she shares her experiences with raw food, training (always positive!), and other things related to pups. And if you’re new to the raw food movement, this blog makes it easy to learn.

Kol’s Notes

Meet Jodi, a “crazy dog lady” who shares her DIY dog blog with us. There’s everything from making a birthday cake for your pup to building a foot rest to store dog toys to pet-friendly cleaning solutions. Fair warning: you might lose yourself in this blog! There is so much fun, creative information, it’s hard to tear yourself away.

Life with Beagle

Christie writes interesting posts with lots of great information for dog owners. You’ll often see her pups, Lulu and Jasmine, make appearances. It’s a great mix of informative posts and posts about her personal anecdotes. What a great, fun resource!

Montreal Dog Blog

The team at Montreal Dog Blog provides informative posts in the hopes of furthering the discussion of serious topics working toward the betterment of animal treatment. Among their team are veterinarians, trainers, groomers, and pet lovers so you know the information is going to be high-quality.

My Brown Newfies

Jen, dog-mom to two brown Newfoundlands (Sherman and Leroy) write this pet/lifestyle blog. Among the entertaining stories, you will find information about pet health, products, and family. Jen’s passion for her pups makes this blog fun to read and has us coming back for more.

My GBGV Life

Emma, who’s full name is Debucher Baguette, is a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen and this is her blog. She shares her many adventures and, while you’re having fun reading, you may learn a few things as well.


John is a Pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter whose inspiration is his shelter dog, Ace. He definitely has a journalistic flair to his blog, which provides great articles of dogs in the news.


Dr. V is a veterinarian who started this blog as a way to share her love of animals with the world. She has an extraordinary way of writing that will have you chuckling to yourself while learning great tips about pets. She shares her thoughts and opinions as well as her extensive knowledge. All of this makes Pawcurious a valuable resource for animal lovers.

Pawsitively Pets

Ann’s posts are so much fun to read. She used to be a veterinary tech and has worked with all sorts of animals. We mainly like to read blogs dedicated to dogs, but this one is just too much fun to pass up! She has a dog, two rats, a cat, and a fish (along with human children as well) so it’s never boring at her house. Filled with information, you’ll have fun reading and leave more knowledgeable.


This blog has some regular authors, but also features posts by guest authors so it has a variety of information. Interested in cats, dogs, birds, horses? There’s something for you. Some posts are fun and goofy while others are serious and informative.


This is a more professional blog dedicated to the health and fitness of dogs. It is chock-full of great information. There is a Dear Labby feature where you can ask questions (the name alone puts a smile on our faces). And they’ve created an app to help track your dog’s caloric intake and activity. Awesome!

Something Wagging this Way Comes

Pamela and her dogs, Agatha, Christie, Shadow, and Honey, have a ton of fun adventures. It’s a joy to follow along with them. Pamela uses her experiences to entertain as well as educate her followers. It’s a joy to read a cute anecdote and come away, thinking, “Hey, I just learned something!”

That Mutt

Lindsay is an intelligent, passionate dog-lover with two dogs, Ace and Remy. She is down to earth and believes in being open to new things so expect to see different types of training and opinions. There is not one right answer for everyone. We’re all different. Get ready to learn because there is plenty of information at That Mutt.

The Philly Dog

Based in Philadelphia, Rebecca has made this blog a great resource for dog lovers. Her goal was to create a centralized place for people to find information about their community. It really is an inspiration. There are fun to read posts, but the real value is in the information about her community so this is especially great if you live in Philly too!


So that’s my list as of right now. I expect to come back to this periodically and add more as I discover them. And if you have any favorites you think should be added to the list, I’d love to check them out! I’m always interested in exploring new sites about dogs. Feel free to contact us or comment below.

About the Author Anna

Anna is a canine enthusiast. She loves everything about dogs from their loyalty to their energetic spirits to their stubborn moments. She has a passion to learn everything she can to become a better "dog-mom" to her Toller, Penny, and to share her knowledge of dogs with all who are interested in the hopes of educating people on the best canine care.

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