Best Dog Pools 2019

Best Dog Pools 2019



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A Guide to Introducing Your Dog to Their New Pool

Every dog has her own unique personality. Some are bold and brash. They tend to leap before they look and are not the least bit anxious about new adventures. For these dogs, introducing them to their new dog pool is easy as you don’t have to be as worried about scaring them.

However, some dogs are a bit more cautious. Take my dog for example. Even though she loves to play and have new adventures, her first reaction to anything new and unfamiliar is to be cautious and afraid. It’s important for me to understand that she needs to take things slow and I have to give her time to adjust and get comfortable in new situations.

Take our doggie pool for instance. My dog LOVES to swim. There is nothing she would rather do than go swimming in the lake by our house. It’s almost as if she has water in her blood.

So you would think a backyard dog pool would be super exciting, right? Actually, she was terrified of it at first. Anything new is scary to her. Luckily, I knew I would need to take things slow. It took awhile for her to get used to it, but now I can’t keep her out of it!

Remember: Puppies are like children and need constant supervision around water. If your dog is young, please keep an eye on her at all times in your new dog pool.

Here’s my guide to introducing your dog to their new pool. It worked for me and my dog and it will work for you too!

  • First, let her sniff the package it came in. Dogs get so much of their information from smells. While humans rely mostly on their eyesight, dogs put the same faith in their sense of smell.
  • Second, unpack the dog pool in the back yard and let her do some more sniffing. I know this can be tedious, but it will help build your dog’s confidence.
  • If your dog is too scared to get close to the pool or if she’s hesitant in her sniffing, try rewarding her with treats as she shows her bravery. Every time she gets closer, give her a treat. Every time she sniffs it, give her a treat. If she’s brave enough to touch it with her nose or paw, then give her a TREAT PARTY! It may take some time, but she will gain confidence if you are patient.
  • Now set up the dog pool, but don’t fill it just yet.
  • Can you guess what the next step is? Yep! More sniffing and confidence building with treats.
  • Get in and out of the dog pool yourself and show her how much fun it is.
  • Encourage her to place a paw in and give her a treat. Repeat until she’s comfortable climbing in and out the pool by herself.
  • ​She should be rewarded only for getting in and she should always be free to get out.
  • ​Now it’s time for the water. Fill it up just a little bit so the water level is about half an inch.
  • Again, reward your dog for entering the pool. Show her it’s fun to get wet!
  • If she’s comfortable and confident, bring in some toys. Now you’re having fun!
  • Fill up the pool slowly keeping your dog comfortable and happy. Soon she’ll be diving in fearlessly!


The summers have been really hot lately. It’s important to keep your dogs cool. They best way to help them avoid overheating is keep them well-hydrated. Alway have clean, fresh, cool water available for them to drink. After that, the most effective method to cooling those pups down is to get the best dog pool for your backyard.

Since dogs don’t sweat like we do, they can have a harder time staying cool. Lounging and playing in some cool, refreshing water in their backyard dog pool will majorly help them beat the heat.

When choosing the best dog pool for your household, remember to consider size and durability first. Different dogs have different needs. Use our reviews and recommendations to make the best choice!

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. Here at ReadySetDogs, we are committed to helping you provide the best care for the furry members of your family. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

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